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Dragonica. Review of the add-on "Ice Continent

18th March 2011
By aman in Internet Law
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Therefore, you should immediately recognize that the game (better even to say - a toy), entitled "Dragonica" is far from the classics of the genre. There are no monsters, one form of which calls into question the mental health of the game designers. Education novice spends eared blue creature, nicknamed Pororing that flutters happily above the meadows, bushes and sheep, scattering players useful hints and tips. The heroes themselves are moving "in Egyptian" - The user can monitor their gaming alter ego, only one side. Appearance of characters, too, is remarkable - cartoon thieves, mages, archers, and soldiers jumped out like any child anime in the fantasy genre.

Therefore, those who prefer to play "seriously", it is better not to spend health, money and frustration by watching PUPS-eyed, with dedication to knock out walking stumps gold and exp. MMORPG-Veterans 'Dragonica' unlikely to enjoy. But its audience from the project will undoubtedly have. Since its launch in 2009, the game slowly but surely gaining momentum. The last large-scale addition - "Frozen continent" - was installed on the server is literally just that. As usually happens in such cases, the first attempt went a bit lumpy - not without bugs. But the total amount of new content, improvements and additions is impressive.

First of all, there were locations for high-level characters, which became crowded in the previously lived-in world. In order to reach the ice cliffs - an area where a free and fun can feel only the characters level 65 + - have to travel on snow-covered cemetery, Bear mine, Wuthering Heights and the other full of tales of dangers, land (in total, the game was added eight new locations). As you might guess, they will not be empty - the characters are looking forward to the bosses with very verbose names. Well, maybe a hero will miss the opportunity to fight in battle or Straholyuda villain?

Three new dungeons: "Wolf's Lair", "Underground Tomb" and "Tower of Ghosts" - designed for users of characters that still have room to grow. In "Wolf's Lair" and in general can enter the hero at level 12. Here, without doubt, the developers did the right thing, to treat fresh content not only pumped nearly to the ceiling playing characters.

Then - an unexpected but pleasant novelty - in a game began to operate a tactical mode. In fact, this is an additional mini-game in the genre of tower defense. Lone hero or team of players to deter attack monsters using strategic opportunities defensive towers. As always in such cases, the outcome of the battle will decide just good planning and well-lined purse: the construction and temporary upgrade towers - fun is not cheap. "Growing" characters will be able to rasprobovat tactical mode, only reaching level 43, - welcome to war in Raet-Walid, the habitat of the magma dragon Lavalona! Once a reservation is - a battle in the tactical mode includes 50 rounds, so be prepared for the monotonous and sometimes boring gameplay.

Considerably revised table of skills - there are new skills, changed some of the existing talent. The total list is quite long and, alas, is where the players are faced with major difficulties. Some skills do not work or operate properly. For example, while there are problems with the new and desired pumped characters skill "Charge of awakening." Although there is no doubt, good finds - good "aimed shot", available archers come in handy in battle and the new team skills - "The Wisdom of the magician," "Sleight of a thief", etc. As for bugs, it is all in the hands of developers and publishers. They promised to patch up all holes. In general, players can only wait and hope for the best.

Orders lovers too will now what to do - about 40 new developments are waiting for their owners. Then hard times have avid collectors: to get all the medals, it will be necessary not only to beat the monsters, but also on several occasions to pass new areas and dungeons. Despite the large number of new titles, the diversity of achievement does not differ. That's sad. Player who wants to become a researcher Towers Ghosts, for example, will have 20 times to pass this very Tower of Ghosts without errors and mistakes. Repetition, as we know, the mother of learning, but there are limits. Only the most persistent and stubborn can withstand endless battle "reset" the same location.
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