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Do You Know How To Do Employment Screening Background Check

10th September 2009
By Rudy Silva in Employment Law
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Doing an Employment Background Check is one effective tool to ensure that the company has made the right employment choice. It covers beyond the applicant's qualifications; it puts everything and everyone in the company safe physically and financially.

There are two major elements in performing employment background screening. These are the criminal record check and the credit record check. Included in the criminal background screening are information such as arrests, lawsuits and other problems related to the court system.

Whatever information the company may get during the criminal background check can be a decisive factor on his employment. For example, a record that the applicant mauled or attacked fellow employees seriously that a case was filed against him can cause hesitation on his employment.

On the other hand, credit record screening is especially helpful when the position to be filled in requires handling financial matters. However, this is not the only use of doing consumer report, the technical term for credit record. In all aspects of employment, having a clean credit record is attractive.

In most cases, criminal background check is free. On the web are sites that offer free criminal background check, which includes criminal court records, civil court records and sex offender information. Also included on employment background screening specifically in criminal check are records on felonies and misdemeanors.

To accomplish criminal background checking, simply fill in the information requested on the provided boxes on the web page of the free service provider. This information includes the potential employee's first and last names and the State to which he lives.

To be more specific, there is an option of providing the birth date. In fact, this is helpful in narrowing down the results of background searches. Once the information is given, click on search and the web will produce results in a matter of seconds.

At most, a background search on credit record does not come free. It needs to be purchased from a credit union and sometimes, requires the approval of the employment candidate. The information obtained during this stage of employment background check forms the major part of the applicant's credit history.

Employment background screening particularly the consumer report can also be done online. However, some information is limited to criminal activity in relation to credit matters. The steps are similar in doing free online criminal background check, except that this time, it requires legal notification, which is available at the bottom of the application.

From an employees' perspective, employment background check guarantees safe working environment for people. For employers, background searches save them from any potential harm done to their properties, finances and work force.

Companies that offer services such as providing nannies can also perform nanny background check and at rare times, even require drug test as part of the employment background check. Other background investigations may involve inquiry from previous employers, relatives, neighbors and friends.

Anybody from the Human Resource department can do the employment background screening. Two steps serve as a good guide. The first is to gather the basic information such as the complete name, birthday information, telephone number and the address. The social security number, information on previous employment are good sources of information for background searches.

The second step is to confirm the applicant's identity. Using the information gathered, contact the number or the address to verify the person. If this is not possible, Google is reliable source to confirm the information. If the steps are not possible, public records search can do the employment background check.

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