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Do Online Dating Sites Expose You To Cyber Stalkers?

13th April 2011
By Ed Opperman in Internet Law
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Recent surveys show that almost one out of every for relationships began on an Internet dating site. So like it or not Internet dating is here and a major factor when it comes to dating and finding a romantic partner. There are many benefits to online dating but also many new dangers. Dangers that someone who is just reentering the dating scene may not even consider. But if you are considering using an online dating site you should educate yourself on the pitfalls and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

Online dating sites provide many new opportunities and conveniences. For instance a person interested in finding a potential mate can take advantage of the search features these web sites offer. They can search out a mate based on certain criteria they are seeking in a mate , such as height, weight, religion and geographic location. You can even set the search features to find a date that shares common interests or hobbies. In addition to the search features many of these web sites also have a browse feature. With this feature a person can just browse through pictures until they find one that catches their eye. They can then click on that ad and read the profile information to see if that person is a good potential match.

While these features offer convenience and instant gratification to a person that is seeking a relationship. These same types of features will also appeal to a cyber stalker. A person that has stalking tendencies will also use these search features to seek out a potential victim. Likewise they will also use the browse feature to view pictures. This could turn into an obsession for a person with certain personality traits that could be categorized as stalking behavior. Make no mistake, posting pictures and personal information on the Internet does expose you to a cyber stalker. The information you reveal can make it possible for a stalker to locate you in real life. Innocent facts about your self like your profession, hobby or zip code can be enough information for a potential stalker to track you down and make your life miserable.

There are ways you can use the convenience of online dating sites while still protecting your privacy. We will go into greater detail in the rest of this series of articles but one very effective efficient method is to screen out potential dates by using an online infidelity investigation. This way to can check out your potential date and their online activity by tracing their email address back to their online personal ads and social networking sites.


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