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How to Get a Divorce Using Free Divorce Forms Online

23rd February 2011
By mcwest in Divorce
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Going through a divorce is not only an emotional ordeal but a financial one as well. Many people who go through it find themselves struggling financially just to keep paying a divorce lawyer. However, there are instances where you can have the option of getting a divorce without being to financially burdened by it. For those wondering how to divorce somebody without paying an exorbitant amount in legal fees, DIY divorce can be a possible option.

In DIY divorce, you can download free divorce forms online, fill out and serve these forms yourself, and effectively save hundreds of dollars in legal fees. Many online divorce services can provide you with a kit for a very minimal amount which will have instructions on which forms to fill out and submit at what dates, and give you support through chat, email or phone if you have some legal questions.

An online divorce is a good option for you if:

Both you and your spouse actually agree that divorce is the best thing to do. An online divorce isn't a good option if your spouse won't cooperate.

You and your spouse don't have minor children. A child custody battle or arrangement would go smoother if you have a divorce lawyer to help you with it.
You and your spouse are both not active in the military. It's best to let a lawyer with experience in military divorce help you if you or your spouse is active in the service.
You can support yourself financially. If there's alimony or spousal support involved, it's best to have a lawyer help you determine the right amount to ask (or give) your spouse.
Your spouse has agreed not to get a divorce lawyer too. If your spouse has already asked for the services of one, it's always better to get one too.
You and your spouse don't have any retirement plans, stock options, or other investments to share. If you do have a sizable amount of assets to divide, it's best to have legal counsel in order to make sure that the division is equitable and fair.
You and your spouse have relatively little debt to divide. Dividing a huge debt would also be better handled with the help of a legal counsel rather than just deciding to split the debt down the middle.

When you choose to just download free divorce forms, you have to realize that you'll still need to pay the court fees required, and there will be a lot of legwork involved. You'll need to proactively figure out your schedule, keep track of your submission of time-sensitive documents, keep track of court dates, and more. If you decide that the thousands of dollars you'll save from hiring a divorce lawyer is worth the time you'll spend working on your own divorce, then this is the right option for you. If you know that you won't be able to manage the time needed to successfully complete this, it may be better to consider other options at the moment.
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