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Designing a Home Page

30th June 2011
By Methew Gilcrist in Internet Law
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‘We never get a second chance to make a first good impression’. This quote is well heard and applies very well in many cases. It is made in the first meeting and on the first thought of people. One get hardly 5 minutes to make the first good impression. In the case of human it is at least 5 min but when it comes to the web world, a website gets only fraction of seconds to create dam good impression. In this article we will talk about gaining the optimistic thought from the user end. For a website; design, look, usability and content are some factors that matter most but it is never one factor that is responsible for creating damn good impression. London web designers say “Impression of a website largely depends upon the first page of the site, the Home Page.

Home page should tell about the entire objective of the website in precise and concise form. It should be written in catchy tune so that reader’s attention can be easily grabbed. Home page should be made in such an effective way that it can hold your website visitor and also force him to enter in the core pages of the websites. The website should be technically strong and should be coded in user friendly way. It should also consider SEO guidelines. For instance site should not take more than few seconds to download the pages.

In general home pages have not more than 5-10 seconds to make the impression. In the time frame of 5-10 second only you home page should hook the attention of the user. 2to 3 seconds is wasted in downloading the website and now you as a website are left with only 4-5 seconds to disperse your goal and objectives and to make them well aware that you are the best search for the keywords he/she is searching for.

After discussing the importance of websites home page let us follow the strategies suggested by web developers London to make the home page work accordingly….

One Can Go For Splash Pages as Home Pages

Splash pages are pages that are used as front pages it contains little more graphics and animation and a link in the front to enter the website. It also helps in enhancing the search engine position in the Google. When you use splash pages without giving the option of automatic refresh, you can actually trim the contents of the website with just focusing on only keywords. The only factor you need to consider is relevancy, because without relevancy your user will not stay on the page.

Home pages are for Navigation

Make your home page full of information. A good homepage is like a portal to the rest of the pages. Give your reader an easy navigation option. Give the link of all the inner pages, your user may find the interest on the pages which has the route of information he is searching for.

Home page should be clear, precise and concise with a chic look

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