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Contextual Links Work at Driving Traffic to Websites and Blog

22nd June 2011
By Samantha Dale in Internet Law
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Everyone who has a website or blog these days is focused on search engine optimization and achieving higher page rank. By achieving higher page rank, websites and blogs attract more visitors and more visitors means more business.

There are many ways to improve page rank on search engines and drive more traffic to a website or blog, but none of them as effective as contextual links. It is a relatively new Internet marketing strategy and most people do not even know what a context link is. People automatically assume a contextual link is similar to a regular link, but it is not. Contextual links are links that are embedded in a fully customized keyword rich article.

Not just any article, but an article that is fully customized to match the theme of a website or blog. Links that are embedded are typically keyword rich words that also match the theme of a website or blog. Once the article and contextual link or links are embedded, the article is submitted to a high-ranking article directory or some other website. The keyword rich article will appear on its own dedicated page and one or two keyword rich contextual links will be embedded.

The main difference between contextual links and back links is that these type of links will never be treated as link spam by any of the search engines. The major benefit of using these links is they are effective and 100% safe to use.

Individuals and businesses that are interested in driving high-quality traffic back to their website should consider purchasing contextual links from a solid contextual link building service. There are many benefits to hiring professionals to handle the project. First, a solid provider of contextual link services knows how to write a keyword rich article that matches the theme of your website or blog. Second, companies that provide this type of service also know where these articles should be submitted for fast results.

The Contextual Link Pros at provide top-notch context link building services. By purchasing links from the pros, individuals and businesses are guaranteed to see the results quickly. The writers at Contextual Link Pros have a team of U.S. based writers who are available to begin working on your project. These professionals are available to write as few or as many articles as you desire.

Each keyword rich article these professionals produce will be fully customized to match the theme of your website and include keyword rich links that will link back to your website or blog. Typically, one link is usually included in the body of the article and another link is included the author box. Once complete, your article will be submitted top-ranking websites and directories.

After submitting your article or articles, Contextual Link Pros goes one step further and begin building links back to articles to increase the page rank of each article written and submitted on your behalf. Individuals and business owners will begin to experience a surge in traffic once their article or articles are submitted to top-ranking websites or article directories.

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