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Data Center facilities and Operations

04th April 2011
By Brian Hamilton in Business Law
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The Green Data center conference aims at providing a forum where decision makers in organizations running data center facilities will interact. It is not only organisations with such facilities that will benefit from the conference but indeed all individuals who interact with the said organisations. Data center facilities are a critical part of any modern organisation. As such, they should be centrally integrated with other organisational functions to ensure maximum efficiency. This would lead to better operations and overall customer satisfaction.

The Green Data center conference will be held in various countries and cities around the world. These include San Diego, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Singapore. One of the main aims of the conference is to allow the attendees to find better ways of improving data center energy efficiency and general data center operations. To be able to achieve this, improved ways of data center monitoring will be discussed. This is especially important to outsourcing companies with data center facilities due to the extreme potential such companies have.

There is also the need for proper training. This is most important especially in instances where poor training has led to downtimes. This inconvenience is costly to many businesses and should thus be avoided at all costs. The Green Data center conference will offer an insight into proper data center operations training programs. It is expected that this will provide invaluable information that will lead to improved overall profitability for any participating firm.

Professionals who run data center facilities but lack long term experience will greatly benefit from the data center training topics. Of great importance will be the invaluable information offered on the optimization of data center infrastructure facilities with an emphasis on monitoring. Data center monitoring allows data center professionals to improve performance by optimizing their infrastructure. The correct sizing of data center facilities to support the energy load without over-provisioning is especially critical as it will lead to leaner data center operations. This is most important especially when considering the load on mission critical facilities. Extreme care and prudent planning should thus be taken to ensure there is no over-provision or under-provision for the mission critical facilities. The conference aims at enlightening the attendees on the best ways of providing for such aspects.

Further, data center facilities include constantly changing entities that contain devices from various manufacturers. It is necessary to understand each equipment as this will determine how it fits into the overall data center operations. The Green Data center conference involves leaders and decision makers of most of these manufacturing companies. This will allow attendees to obtain valuable information on capacity planning and to obtain a detailed and correct analysis of the future needs of data center facilities.

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