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Top 3 Ways to Avoid the Pain of Divorce

13th July 2010
By Gerry Restrivera in Divorce
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Divorce can affect not only you but also your children. It is a trauma that is hard to get over with. In marriage, couples should work to keep their relationship in tact to avoid the pain of divorce. Although the divorce rate keeps rising, keeping a marriage is not impossible and there are ways to keep your relationship strong.

Here are the top ways to avoid the pain of divorce:

Keep the communication lines open. If you are both open with each other, you do not have to worry because you are confident that your spouse will tell you everything. You are both secured that the relationship will last because your spouse is also a friend that you can talk to about everything in your life. Lack of communication can damage your marriage so to avoid the pain of divorce keep the communication lines open.

Tell you spouse about your ill feelings. Keeping the bad feelings for yourself can do more damage to your marriage. It is better to be open about your feelings because you cannot expect your spouse to guess what is in your mind and heart. Keeping your ill feelings will make you vulnerable to temptations or affairs. To avoid the pain of divorce, be more open to your spouse about your feelings.

Listen and do not ignore your spouse. Listen to your spouse and do not ignore his or her wishes. One of the reasons why your spouse turns to other people is that no one is listening at home. You do not want your spouse to look for someone who will listen and give her or him the attention he or she needs. Be a good listener and you can avoid the pain of divorce.

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