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Increase Page Rank with the Right One Way Links

22nd June 2011
By Samantha Dale in Internet Law
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Every serious website owner is concerned about the page ranking of their website. Why? The higher the page rank a website has the more visible it is to surfers. A website buried on page 75,699 is not likely to be found by web surfers no matter how much good information it contains. So webmasters compete for first-page placement on Google and other search engines by increasing page rank through one way link building.

What is page rank?

Page rank is the importance that Google places on a page contained in your website. It is believed that Google has 250 algorithms that determine the level of importance a page possesses. One of those algorithms is the number of relevant, permanent, one way links a page receives.

Each of these links is considered to be a positive vote that your page has excellent content and is worthy of high page ranking. The page receives a boost in its ranking if these links are from other relative pages with a high page rank.

Internet surfers looking for specific information have always used one way backlinks to get to more or better information. The number of one way text links to a page on your site can move the page up to the first page if it outnumbers the one way links on any of the sites on the first page of Google.

How to increase page ranking with one way link building

You may have hired a company to increase your page rank by increasing one way links to a page in your site. There are many companies offering this service but few are successful because most fail to make sure the links are relevant, permanent authority links. Many use the same links for every customer no matter what the website is about. If a link is not related, it is useless.

The dilemma for a site owner is you know how important page rank is to your visibility in Google and the other search engines. You also know that most link building services are useless when it comes to properly conducting a one way link building campaign yet you do not look forward to doing it yourself.

While it is true that most link building services donít deliver the correct links there are some that know how to increase your page ranking dramatically. They have a clear understanding of the audience you wish to attract and what that audience is searching for. They provide a targeted audience by posting to forums and blogs related to your site and at the same time provide permanent links to your website.

Your potential customers have learned to mistrust pay-per-click ads because they know these ads are promoting a sales item. They look for sites that provide good information without sales pressure. Your potential customers can find you if your pages are ranked high in the search engines.

Increasing page rank is the most important thing to do to increase visibility. You cannot leave this important job to amateurs. Ask potential link building services if their service offers permanent, relative one way links and then ask for references.

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