Clinical Negligence Claims: Claiming for compensation due to medical negligence

18th January 2011
By Kirthy Shetty in Medical Malpractice
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With the tremendous growth in the medical sector, we have also started coming across the term ‘clinical negligence’ more often. It basically refers to incorrect or erroneous diagnosis/treatment by a medical practitioner. It could be negligence by doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists or hospital management. Clinical negligence further leads to personal injury. This could be hazardous to people physically as well as emotionally. One may not be aware of their rights while in such an unforeseen situation.

When in the United Kingdom , people are entitled to a specific set of rights which may be unknown to them in case of clinical negligence. One may not know several aspects such as the patients need to be warned of the risks of a particular treatment, and likewise. You can claim for clinical negligence and get acquainted of all the necessary information through clinical negligence helpline centers. The advice centers are usually free of cost.

Based on the claims, an appropriate action is taken and you get the deserved compensation. You could apply for medical compensation in varying situations such as wrong diagnosis, delay in treatment, incorrect prescription, error during operation/surgery and problems faced during pregnancy or child birth, to name a few.

Claiming for your rights due to medical negligence is of importance as it could help recover the immense losses caused due to the irresponsible behavior of others. Wrong diagnosis could lead to treating you of a disease that you aren’t suffering from. This could lead to several other problems and infections. Further, you may have faced the NHS waiting list causing delay in the treatment. This delay could turn out to be quite harmful.

It is also your right to claim for losses due to negligence in case the doctor fails to diagnose the disease and sent back the patient home. This could worsen the health condition. The delay could also lead to other ailments. Several negligence or say physical injury cases are seen during pregnancy and child birth. The child could also contract Cerebral Palsy which leaves the brain damaged. There are also instances when the ailment is diagnosed but the patients are given wrong prescriptions. The intake of the wrong drugs doesn’t help the cause rather lead to worsen medical conditions.

By seeking advice, one will clearly know the conditions when they can claim for negligence. The severity of the case is also taken under consideration. One may have had losses at work due to the physical injury caused by others leading to a mental trauma. Through negligence claims, you can fight for your rights and get suitable compensation that could help you in the traumatic situation.

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