Why an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is Vital

14th January 2011
By Garrett Hawkins in Medical Malpractice
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If you have ever owned or ridden a motorcycle, chances are you will be in at some time, an accident. Accidents involving motorcycles have gradually increased over the past five years which is quite depressing, especially when one considers that the rise has included both riders with helmets and riders without helmets.

These stats show the increase in injuries in motorcycle accidents isnít due only to the lack of safety gear but even more frightening, due to deficiencies in carelessness and attentiveness.

Still, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that deaths and injuries involving helmets is and remains noticeably lower than those involving no helmet at all. According to findings, fatal injury prevention is 37% effective, and so the administration encourages that all motorcyclists where their safety gear, especially helmets, all the time.

When someone is injured in a motorcycle accident, they should enlist the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer. A motorcycle accident lawyer has experience in gathering evidence, taking photos, planning testimony and conducting field investigation in motorcycle accident cases. The client should also be willing to and helpful in providing the lawyer with necessary information, if possible.

Often the medical records of the client and police records are also needed from the client so the lawyer can have the best chances of earning a success in the courtroom. In fact, winning a liability claim can be due not only to the lawyerís expertise but also to the clientís cooperation and giving of information.

A motorcycle accident involves an investigation and the collection of evidence afterward. Thus, the accident case itself is based on fault and that is how the damages are awarded (based on fault). Itís important for individuals who witnessed the accident to give as much detail as possible to the attorney so the client has the best chances possible to win their case. After all, recovering from a motorcycle accident can be extremely expensive and lengthy.

Simply because some states do have a time limit on filing a claim involving a motorcycle accident, itís important for those in an accident to immediately seek out knowledge from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The sooner a claim is filed and a case is developed, the sooner the compensation can be awarded and collected.

If you donít take action right away, you may miss your chance to file a claim altogether and be faced with extremely expensive medical bills and a very lengthy recovery time frame. Instead of worrying about money, you may be focused on the healing process when youíre working with an accident lawyer who is experienced in cases like yours.

About the Author:
Garrett Hawkins is a law student in Oregon who writes about legal topic that interest him. Garrett hopes to be a personal injury lawyer someday, specializing in auto accidents, motorcycle accident injuries, construction accidents laws and more. Garrett is especially interested in becoming a trial attorney in Portland focusing on Oregon personal injury law specializing in personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice law.
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