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Choosing the Right Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer

21st March 2011
By Elk & Elk in Personal Injury
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Choosing a lawyer can be a confusing process, especially when you are also facing the personal challenges that come with an accident or injury claim. When you are harmed in an auto accident, by a faulty product, or at the workplace, you need to find a team of experienced, compassionate Cleveland lawyers to represent your interests. But where do you start? How do you know if a firm is reputable? What questions should you ask? Following these simple tips can help you as you start the looking for a Cleveland personal injury lawyer.

Things to Consider

• Ask for recommendations. Friends and coworkers are valuable resources when you are starting your search for a Cleveland lawyer. Ask people you know about their experiences with local firms. Recommendations and warnings can help you develop a list of prospective lawyers.
• Contact the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. The American Bar Association (ABA) offers referral services that will guide you to an attorney in your area. The ABA can also help you determine whether or not your claim warrants legal action. Contact the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) at 877-CLEV-BAR for referrals to Cleveland lawyers with the right expertise.

• See if the lawyer specializes in your particular type of case. There are many types of lawyers, and many types of “personal injury” cases. Accident and injury claims can, for example, involve damages related to automobile accidents, motorcycle wrecks, or defective products. Make sure the lawyer you choose has experience representing clients with similar claims.
• Review the firm’s results. Although some verdicts involve confidentiality, ask your potential firm for details about some of their recent personal injury settlements.
• Learn about the costs. Although most personal injury lawyers get paid if/when their clients are awarded a settlement, be sure you inquire about any additional fees and court costs. Ask if there are any up-front charges or consultation fees to evaluate your claim.

Other Questions to Ask

• Is your potential lawyer a member of any state or professional associations?
• Does your lawyer have any conflicts of interest?
• Does your firm have the financial resources to represent clients against large corporate entities?

Remember: doing research and being prepared with questions is the best way to find a Cleveland lawyer who will meet the needs of you and your family.

Take the time research potential firms before choosing a Cleveland personal injury lawyer.With the help of friends, online resources, and referral services, you’ll be able to find the right Cleveland lawyer for your situation.
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