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Causes of traffic accidents

14th December 2010
By Adrian Vultur in Accident claims
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Thousands of traffic accidents occur every year in the UK, and the vast majority of them are caused by driver error, which is totally avoidable. Some easy tips to help you avoid causing, or being involved in a road accident include:

1.Most people prefer driving at night, if they are planning a long journey, as the roads may be quieter. However, you must never drive at night if you are tired. If you fall asleep at the wheel you are likely to cause an accident. Make sure you are feeling fit and fresh before embarking on a long, night-time journey, and decide if it really is worth it.

2.Blind spots can cause serious accidents on UK roads. Adjust your mirrors before you set off on a journey as this will give you a clear view of the traffic and road behind you. Before manoeuvring, look over your shoulder for any traffic which may be overtaking. Always consider the blind spots of other motorists, especially lorry drivers, who may not be able to see your vehicle.

3.Always drive with two hands on the wheel. If you have to stop quickly, you will find it difficult to manoeuvre with only one hand controlling the car.

4.If you see a car in front of you which is in poor condition, it may indicate an inattentive driver. If anyone is driving erratically around you, or weaving from one lane to another, keep your distance and pass them when it is safe to do so, or stay well back.

5.Never get involved in road rage incidents. As tempting as it may be to shout abuse at a driver who has just cut you up, or who has narrowly missed causing an accident, donīt inflame the situation. Let the driver pass and never make hand gestures at him – itīs just not worth it.

6.Make sure your car is well maintained – especially throughout the winter months. Tyres should be properly inflated, fluid levels in the engine should be checked, brake pads and lights should be replaced if necessary, and make sure your windscreen wipers are working. If you suspect there is a mechanical problem with your car that you canīt fix, then take it to a qualified mechanic.

7.Night time is not always the best time to embark on a long journey. True, there may be less traffic on the roads, but never drive at night if you are tired. Hundreds of accidents are caused each year when drivers fall asleep at the wheel. Also, avoid country lanes and unlit roads at night.

8.Keep your distance, and always stay far enough back from the driver in front to be safe in case of an accident. If the driver in front stops unexpectedly you may smash into the back of them if you donīt keep your distance.

9.Avoid rubbernecking. If you pass an accident on the roads, donīt cause another accident by taking your eyes off the road to see what has happened.

10.Donīt allow things to distract you while you are driving. If the children are noisy in the back wait until you can pull over safely to berate them. Also, never answer your mobile while driving, eat or drink at the wheel.

Personal injury solicitors deal with thousands of cases of car accident compensation every year. If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, contact a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor who will help you make a claim. You should receive 100% of the compensation and it wonīt cost you a penny to make a claim.

Adrian vultur writes for whiplash compensation claims
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