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Car accidents, erring drivers and other road users

13th March 2009
By Musa in Accident claims
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The warnings, like similar ones in the past, made little or no difference since Decembers and Januarys usually turn out to have higher rates of road accidents leading to deaths and or serious injuries.

A recent report concluded that the first month of this year was a bad one after considering the number of accidents recorded and the casualties seen. In a particular town statistics cited 74 fatal accidents out of which nine were cases of hit and run. The report added that the number was the highest seen in recent time.

Like the last month of the previous year and the first month of the current year, this year's February was also not devoid of high rates of fatalities as the impacts of the festivities spilled over.

Inexperienced teenage drivers

Although the fact that Christmas and New Year celebrations are taken advantage of by motorists who drink beyond the permitted limit leading to accidents, another recent study revealed a more worrying situation in which underage drivers are involved.

Teenagers, usually between the ages of 15 and 17, are involved in fatal accidents resulting, most of the time, in their own death, said the report. Other victims of such accidents may be passengers or other vehicle occupants or even pedestrians.

The main factor responsible for the rise in number of accidents caused by teenage drivers, according to the report, is the lack of experience among such drivers, which even increases the risk they put themselves or their victims at. "Anytime that someone inexperienced is driving they are more than likely going to do something that will get them in a crash," said a police officer. Simple mistakes like driving off the roadway, over-steering or driving into the wrong lane may be all they will commit to get themselves and, perhaps, others into trouble.

Older drivers

In a city, for example, within the length of nine years, figures show, nearly one thousand persons were killed in accidents in which some 39 per cent of the drivers of the vehicles involved were teenagers. But the issue of teenage drivers is just one of several problems.

Older drivers, both male and female, are largely involved in accidents ending in serious fatalities. Not long ago insurers in the UK warned that most of the accidents ending in fatalities were caused by drivers in a hurry to get to work or rushing to meet an appointment.

The consequence for the car insurance industry is that soaring accidents are resulting in increasing personal injury or whiplash claims. Thus, costs are rising for insurers, making it necessary for them recoup these from all policyholders. The bottom-line is that car insurance customers may have to face continuous hikes in premiums as more people are involved in accidents and making claims.

Resorting to an endless blame game may not be the answer. What road users need is the awareness that everyone needs to ensure the safety of other users by being very careful, patient and keep strictly to traffic rules.

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