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Car Accident Injuries are Varied Depending on the Accident

01st March 2011
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Car accidents can never be predicted. They happen in an instant, which gives people no time to plan or react. This means the amount and type of car accident injuries can vary in significance. Not only that but car accident injuries are not just physical injuries but can be emotional injuries as well.

Whiplash is one of the most frequent injuries people suffer from a car accident. This is where a person’s neck whips back and forth from the force of the impact. Whiplash is also called a neck strain or sprain. This can occur where a neck whips backward, forward, or sideways depending on where the car was struck. The neck is an important part of a person’s body and therefore should be treated carefully. However, many people do not seek treatment after injuries of this nature from the result of a car accident. Car accident injuries can be serious and may not be felt right after the accident. However, they should still be evaluated.

Concussions are common injuries a person suffers from a car accident. Concussions are also considered a brain injury because the brain has sustained injury. The majority of concussions do not result in any long term effects, but some do. The symptoms of concussions have been known to last for as long as two weeks in some cases. In extreme concussion cases, permanent brain damage has occurred. No one knows exactly why some people suffer more from concussions than others but each person is unique.

Post traumatic stress disorder is another type of serious injuries a person may suffer from as a result of a car accident. This disorder can occur as a result of either a large or small car accident. A car accident can be traumatic for many people. For months afterwards, a person may have serious issues with driving or even riding in a car. They may be especially fearful of riding in the side of the car where the impact occurred. Dreams of a car accident and the injuries incurred may haunt people for a long time to come. This causes undue stress on a person, which is an injury in itself.

Car accident injuries are numerous and varied depending on the accident. Not all car accidents result in major injuries. Some people walk away from major car accidents. On the other hand, minor car accidents can result in major injuries.

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