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Booking a dream holiday in Austria with Austrian Zimmers

02nd February 2012
By Yuval Harari in Business Law
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When it comes to booking holidays and vacations, we all become sceptical when looking into staying at destinations at which we have never been to before. You can only hope that what you see on a website, is what you are going to receive, and that all the information provided is true. This isn't always the case, as many people have found out, which puts a lot of people off from travelling abroad to new places, and staying in new found locations. It is sad, but true, but there is a way around it, you can avoid ruining a holiday due to bad accommodation. The best way to do this previously, was to a little of your own research, but now there's an even better way, and it's much easier and less time consuming.

One country which has won over many people's hearts, is Austria. Its beautiful scenery and gentle, welcoming hospitality is tough to beat, which makes it one incredible place to visit and stay, in fact, some people have loved it so much, that they end up moving there, and staying there for many many years.

Austria caters for all types of people and personalities, you can choose to stay wherever you wish to. There are country farms for those who love being in touch with nature and mother Earth, and there are big city like hotels which offer a more upbeat experience. Then there is everything in between these two locations. The one thing that doesn't change from each accommodation is the hospitality, and treatment of guests who stay at these destinations. You will feel as though you are staying at a 5 star celebrity hotel at each accommodation, as you won't have to move a muscle to be catered for. You can experience the true meaning of relaxation, and stardom in Austria, no matter where you stay.

Getting back to the easiest way to research a destination at which you haven't stayed at before, here is your explanation. Yuval Harari a reputable traveller has created a website displaying various zimmers, pensions and Hotels in Austria called He has summoned the cream of the crop of all holiday inns and put them into one website, so each and every one of the accommodations has been tried and tested by his team of internet entrepreneurs, and passes the criteria test. Yuval Harari has travelled across the globe, and found that Austria was different to all the other locations he had visited, it offered something more than all the others, with its breathtaking sights, and warm hospitality, he ended up living there for 9 years.

The website has done all the hard work for you, and weeded out the best of the best places to stay, catering for all tastes and interests. You have country farms, and big city hotels, with everything in between. You are assured by the team at that each hotel is going to be a class A place to stay, so you have no need to worry, or be sceptical about your stay.

Yuval Harari is a known traveller. He has been to many places worldwide but above all he likes Austria. He especially likes the small family owned Zimmers in the Alps. They are small, cosy and let you feel the real Austrian hospitality. Yuval is also the owner of which is a great source for finding information regarding Austrian accommodation in the Alps.In this terrific website you can find Hotels in Austria and contact them directly to book your stay,get rates and ask for anything special that will suite you. Enjoy!
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