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Microsoft Expressions Web - Dynamic Site Setup on a Web Hosting Service

27th January 2011
By shilpa dws in Internet Law
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Microsoft Expression Web is an HTML editor and Microsoft’s general web design software product. It can design as well as develop web pages using scripts of XML, ASP.NET / ASP.NET AJAX, CSS 2.1, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript and XSLT, using its own standards-based rendering engine, different from the Trident engine of Internet Explorer.

ASP.NET is widely used forms of scripting languages for web application framework and creation of web pages and web applications. It is a powerful application that assists developers to build different web services, web technologies and dynamic websites. Applicable for Active Server Pages, ASP.Net is commonly used in creating small individual websites and large entrepreneurial web application.

ASP.Net acts as a web content control that can be customised. It basically used on a common computer language run-time supported on any Windows server for hosting web technologies and powerful websites. Some of the web-based programming solutions provided by ASP.Net development include ASP.Net web development, ASP Code, ASP Help and ASP Tutorials. The ASP.Net development codes automatically formats and displays the information on web pages. Thus, the former is also recognised as a complete packaged solution to creating and developing dynamic and professional websites with its unique features for online business expansion. The server-side technologies, therefore, significantly contribute towards the Web development.

Some of the known advantages of the setting up of dynamic website on a web hosting service through ASP.Net are listed below:

• It is quite flexible for the user to view in any kind of browser.
• If you wish to build large applications on your website, ASP.Net offers massive discounts in the amount of codes.
• ASP.Net code, being a server-side technology, delivers on the server before sending to the browser.
• A highly secured ASP.Net code cannot be viewed from the browser.
• The built-in configuration details within ASP.Net do not require it to have registering components.
• ASP.Net enables the dynamic edition of the web content.
• Through ASP.Net, you can access database and display results onto a browser.

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