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Avoiding Traffic School by Driving Safely

15th February 2011
By infofreaks in Law
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Good observation is the key factor in safety driving. Observe your surroundings, visual alerts, and even signs. Keep an eye out for things that can block your way like trees, signs, shrubs, and cattle. Watch for pedestrians and dangerous road hazards at all times. Constantly scan the road for possible vulnerabilities. To keep your attention level high constant movement of the eye is necessary. When driving long distances it can be tedious, causing drivers to form the bad habit of staring at one thing up ahead, like the road or the bumper ahead on the car in front of them. To overcome this staring problem you should look beyond the cars or the cars that are ahead of you. If something bad were to happen there than you can take appropriate action if you are aware of it.

Never assume about the intentions of the other drivers. This could lead to a collision. Sometimes other cars signal lamp is on but another driver may not be aware of it, so dont even believe on such signals. The best option for this is to wait and see if the oncoming car is actually turning or not. In some countries different lanes are provided for different speed limits. In these countries drive on the lane which is suitable for your speed. But do not assume that all the other drivers are following the rules for speed. Finally dont assume that every other driver is obeying the traffic control devices like the stop light etc.

When your car starts to slip, it can be a very terrifying experience. In the rainy season, or when roads are slippery due to oil or some other fluid, your vehicle starts skidding and can cause loss of control from the vehicle due to reduced traction. But there are some techniques to get rid of it. With any skid you will want to take action without getting scared. You will want to hit your brake otherwise the skid will get worse. Also take your foot slowly away from the accelerator, wait for the right alignment of the wheels with your right path. After right alignment you can take control of the vehicle quickly. Here your quick and accurate response is vital factor to regaining control. If your vehicle is a front wheel drive then slight acceleration when steering in the appropriate direction is recommended to fully regain traction. Finally, your ability to remain serene and to focus on the necessary corrective measures that you need to take will greatly help you to come out of any skid problem.

A commonly used method for avoiding an accident is to keep a safe distance from other cars. Since its very difficult to judge the distance between your vehicle and the other vehicle a safe distance will give you enough time to react and control your vehicle before any hazards happen.
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