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Aviation Accidents

03rd February 2010
By SmithSEO in Personal Injury
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Transportation by airplane has made traveling across the country and worldwide quick and easy. A majority of the time airplanes are safe and secure, unfortunately, accidents do happen. Losing a loved one to an aviation crash is sudden, shocking, and a tragedy. Although the emotional pain associated with losing a loved one is not easily fixed, there are legal rights that may help financial burdens due to your loss.
How Do These Accidents Happen?
Airplane accidents can happen for many reasons such as faulty parts, poor maintenance, an error by the pilot, or an FAA error. Even if there is an expert pilot driving the plane, human error or faulty parts can still hinder their piloting. And it is important to know that any type of aviation either commercial or as a hobby has a certain level of risks.
All forms of transportation have a certain type of risk involved. Cars deal with pot holes, icy roads, and reckless drivers. It is a bit different for planes because they are in the air, and are less likely to worry about those risks. Planes deal more with risks from the environmental factors involved such as rain storms, excessive fog, and snow. Even though, the environment has proven to be the main cause of aviation accidents, there are other factors that contribute. Some crashes can happen due to:

• The Environment
• Pilot Errors - The pilot needs to be attentive at all times during the flight to avoid the risk of negligence during bad weather conditions.
• Poor Maintenance - If the engineer does not perform a meticulous maintenance check on the aircraft to seek out any wear and to ensure proper functionality.
• Impure Fuel
• Faulty Products - Just as you would find that household products can be defective, so can plane parts.
• Negligence- If the air traffic controller were careless and did not warn the pilot of any complications there is a risk of an accident.
What Is Involved When Filing An Aviation Accident Claim?
Aviation law contains a complex assortment of laws, making aviation accident claims difficult to understand. Each case may have a different outcome that depends on the situation and individuals involved. Other factors the law takes into consideration are the type of aircraft involved and the location the accident occurred.

Given the complexity of aviation accidents claims it is in the individual's best interest to seek counsel when moving forth with their suit. There are particular exemptions from suits such as, the General Aviation Revitalization which states that planes over 18 years old from well known manufacturers are not liable. Obtaining representation will allow you the chance to get advice, file your claim, and pursue it to court if your case is substantial.
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