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The Risks of Asbestos

21st December 2009
By SmithSEO in Personal Injury
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Many manufacturers using asbestos in the workplace were aware of the risks involved over 70 years ago but chose not to warn their workers. It wasn't until the mid 1960's that some places began to divulge this information. Even then many factories ignored workers who developed asbestosis. Because cancer from asbestos exposure can take so long to develop many victims have not been aware of the poisoning for decades.

There is a test available that can measure the levels of asbestos in the body, and many people who once worked with high levels of asbestos are opting to have themselves tested. The test does not however give any indication of whether cancer will develop.

Asbestos exposure is still a concern today particularly in buildings that were constructed before 1970. Hundreds of homes, schools, industrial sites and commercial buildings still contain high levels of asbestos. As long as materials containing asbestos remain in good condition they are harmless. When those materials become damaged though, people are at risk.

People living in older homes are advised to have their homes tested for asbestos before carrying out any reconstruction work. It is also advised that if asbestos is found that is removed only by a specialist. There is growing concern too in some states about the number of schools who have had the ceilings sprayed with asbestos and are now beginning to deteriorate. There is no certainty as to what is considered a ‘safe' level of exposure.

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