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Family Law

The difference in Family Law between the West and Sharia Law

16th September 2009
Sharia Law is the body of law generally used in Islamic countries. It is the most widely used religious law on the planet. Many aspects of Sharia Law differ from the laws in western nations in Europe and North America. One of the areas where Sharia law is...

Reason for High Divorce Rates

20th August 2009
There has been much talk of the increase in divorce rates. The last half century has seen the number of divorcing couples multiply dramatically. But why are divorce rates so much higher now? There are many reasons for this generally trend, some of which t...

Reasons for Divorce

13th August 2009
There are many reasons why people get divorced. This article explores some of the most common reasons that result in the end of a marriage. ADULTERY It will come as no surprise that adultery is an extremely common reason for divorce. However, researc...

The relationship between a recession and crime

23rd July 2009
The UK, and much of the world is currently in recession. Crime is generally considered to rise during tough financial times, but in which ways and why? As we know, unemployment increases dramatically during a recession. Businesses struggling or going u...

Strange laws around the world

11th July 2009
There are many strange laws still in operation around the world. Most are no longer enforced, but technically you could be prosecuted if you break the following laws. IN THE UNITED STATES • In Ohio it is illegal to get a fish drunk. • I...

10 Extraordinary Divorce Settlements

07th July 2009
There have been a number of high divorce settlements over the last couple of decades. Here are the details of 10 headline grabbing examples. PAUL MCCARTNEY & HEATHER MILLS One of the most high profile divorces in recent times was that of Paul McCar...

Crimes Committed while sleepwalking

10th June 2009
If you commit a crime while asleep should you be prosecuted just like anyone else would, or does the fact that you were asleep mean you have no responsibilities for your actions? There are numerous occasions when someone has committed a crime while claimi...
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