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Penelope Mcmahon
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Family Law

Gel fireplaces- a better alternative

08th August 2012
It's estimated that one-third of yankee homes have and employ a fire. But how about the silent majority who make due without any fireplace whatsoever, or at best, one that's still in operating condition? The reply is the brand new generation of vent-less...
Business Law

Marble fireplaces a popular choice

29th March 2012
Marble fireplaces possess a long and distinguished history because the proud centre piece in many a wealthy homeowner's sitting area. However, that which was when the product of weeks of costly painstaking craftsmanship, often the need to be installed whi...
Business Law

Fireplaces comforts you in chilling winters

06th March 2012
Fireplaces are with us from almost a century. Fireplaces would be the one that boost the great thing about your home. That not just provides warmth to your residence but in addition offers a traditional look to that. When the hearth of your home just isn'...