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Oscar Vaughan
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About Me: USA Green Card Lottery is really a premiere organization rendering guides, solutions, types, and software program for a huge quantity of immigration procedures. The goal with the business is to offer top notch service and info to assist a wide selection of customers with varying English skills. We're conscious of the mumbo-jumbo of immigration law and wish to eliminate the misunderstanding.
Immigration Law

Enter the Green Card Lottery

24th May 2011
Dreaming about working or living in America! Well this is certainly what the majority of us aspire for. The us government of America has brought in such a system so that people today globally are able to possibly win the Green Card Lottery. The United st...
Immigration Law

Immigration Green Card Lottery

18th May 2011
An applicant’s eligibility is not determined by his or her current residence. The word “native” is used to refer to a person who was born in a certain country, regardless of his/her present home address. ”Native” could also refer to somebody who can be “c...