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Business Law

Description Professional Master of International Business

13th May 2011
An MBA degree is a gateway to the corporate world. With an increase in the corporate houses in India, the demand for MBA professionals has also increased. Distance learning courses are very beneficial in the present day scenario. Aspiring students workin...
Business Law

How To Combine An MBA With Working Life?

05th April 2011
Combine study with working life requires effort and sacrifice. No doubt that an MBA is a learning experience for every professional. However, the debate is whether it must stop working to study a master's degree full time, or accumulating years of experie...
Internet Law

The MBA Program Is Aimed at Graduates in Any Discipline

05th April 2011
The MBA program is aimed at graduates in any discipline with no experience or with one or two years of experience, requiring a comprehensive training in business management for the efficient development of management functions in companies or institutions...