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Beating a Warrant in Debt

05th October 2010
Bill, not his real name, is declaring bankruptcy with me in October. (He demands a couple more months to finish off everything to get his bankruptcy approved.) At the same time, he received a warrant in debt. Midland Credit Management, a big debt buyer...

What is Warrant in Debt Virginia?

08th September 2010
Not all people know the term Warrant in Debt Virginia. Legal terms and matters are not really common knowledge to ordinary people not unless they really are familiar with 'LAW'. To give you a brief idea, warrant in debt in Virginia is a summon to a defend...
Bankruptcy Law

Is Robert Weed Law Among the Best Woodbridge Bankruptcy Lawyers?

07th September 2010
When people hear about bankruptcy, they see it as some kind of punishment because you cannot pay your debts or bills. This is a common misconception that people presume. The truth is; the goal of bankruptcy law is to help you. It is a federal legal proces...