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Jed Totus
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Personal Injury

After An Accident - How to Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer in San Antonio

04th May 2010
People get so used to their daily routine of getting up early, getting ready for work and heading out the door for the morning commute, that they rarely stop and think about what would happen if they were in a car accident. Although you might think that y...
Criminal Law

Know Your Rights – Choosing a Criminal Attorney in San Antonio

19th April 2010
Most everyday people don't wake up in the morning, and wonder if they'll be involved in some illegal activity that day. However, many people can get caught up in the wrong kind of lifestyle, and before they know it, activities that once seemed out of the ...
Accident claims

Your Car Is Totaled – Finding a Car Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

01st April 2010
Getting injured unexpectedly is a very unpleasant experience to say the least, and the last thing that people usually want to think about when they are laid up in the hospital is how to choose the right personal injury lawyer to defend their case. In fact...