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Australian Visas For British Residents

25th March 2010
By Patricia Morrise in Immigration Law
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According to recent statistics, the United Kingdom has one of the largest number of people applying for Australia visa. The country also one of the biggest populations permanently settling in the land down under. And so, for the Brits who are thinking of the same thing, here's a simple guide on how you can get entry into Australia.

One thing that many British people like about traveling to Australia is that getting a visa is rather easy. The process is actually almost identical to the ones that you go through with other countries. So, if you do travel a lot, then this is no work at all. For those unfamiliar however, here's a rundown of the things that you can do in order to easily secure your visa.

In applying for your visa, you need to go to the Australian embassy in London. Note that in the UK, as well as the British embassy in Australia, these are often referred to as the High Commissions. Remember the term as this will help you avoid being confused later on. The High Commission in London is in Strand. Here, you will be able to get the application forms that you need to file for your visa.

One of the most common visas that many British residents apply for is the working visa, often of the employer sponsored type. Note that you need to first determine whether the job you are applying for in Australia requires you to get a visa first before being accepted or will allow you to get a visa after signing up for the position. This one is important as the recent changes in the Australian immigration policies now give higher priority to those who already have job orders before application, though the Australian embassy do give special concessions to British nationals.

Another common visa that many British get is the tourist visa. This is intended for those people who simply want to have a short vacation in Australia. Again, getting this one is also easy. You can simply head to the Australian embassy and will be able to get yours within one to two days after application.

Aside from the above, another way to get a tourist visa is through the ETA visa, often referred to as the Evisitor visa in the UK. The Evisitor visa allows you to get you travel visa online immediately. All you have to do is to apply online and the visa will be automatically approved. Also, you can easily get this through airlines or travel agencies that offer the service. Do note that those British Nationals residing outside the country are not eligible to apply for this one.

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