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Work And Live In New Zealand

07th April 2011
By thinktank in Immigration Law
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New Zealand ranks high in the annual Human development index. A country of many amazing places and locales. Most people believe living in New Zealand is truly a soul- touching experience. A healthy climate and the growing economy of New Zealand has attracted thousands of people from all over the world. New Zealand is a great place to work and live in because of the following reasons-

:-A smaller population
:- A better environmental climate
:-Full of natural beauty, sea beaches
:- Good health care facility

As New Zealand has a growing economy, many people from around the world are applying a citizenship in New Zealand in order to set up there and work permanently. Healthcare industry in New Zealand is the in the world so, more number of healthcare professionals are going there to start their career. There are lots of good medical colleges and research facilities are available for doctors in New Zealand. One can fine many well paying jobs in the hospitality and in other service sector also. In each and every year, thousands of tourists are going to New Zealand in order to visit man y tourist places in there.

Many people prefer New Zealand is a best to live as one can find accommodation at a very reasonable price in many parts of this country. Wellington, Hamilton is the most popular places in New Zealand. New Zealand provides job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labors from all over the world. If you are willing to work in New Zealand permanently than, you must fit into the following migrant categories-

1. Skilled migrants-Those are skilled, professional or have some work experience, which are in demand can work and live in New Zealand permanently.
2. Work to residence- This scheme provides a temporary work visa to those, who are high qualified and some in demand skills.

3. Residence from work-If you are already working in New Zealand than, you can apply for the citizenship.

New Zealand is a small and uncrowded county of having population not more than 4 million. You can find good climate in there and a good healthcare facility in order to live and work in New Zealand. People in New Zealand are not religious although it is a secular country, majority of them are Christians and they celebrate Christmas and Easter, as both are public holidays. Kiwis are very relaxed and easygoing in nature, most of them are prefer to work 40 hours in a week- from Monday to Friday and go for various culture al activities in weekends. The most important aspect is that, you need to be very fluent in English in order to communicate and understand their culture. In New Zealand, people are trying to live independently at an early age and they start to live in separate flats in order to enjoy the freedom.

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