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Are You Up To Date on Employment Law?

14th March 2011
By Alex Fernandez in Employment Law
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Employment law is changing almost constantly. Some changes will have no bearing on your business, but many will, and it is the company’s responsibility to stay up to date rather than someone else’s responsibility to keep them up to date.

Not keeping your eyes on changes to employment law can have huge effects from litigation to a company totally failing should they not adhere to a newly introduced law of some kind or another. So how do you ensure you are totally up to date with changes that may occur?

There are help sites that will give advice and information on changing law for you to consult as and when you might need to. However, whilst this will give you a good starting point, it is often not just knowing about changes in law, but fully understanding them that is the problem.

One way to ensure that you are constantly ahead of the game is to look into HR consultancy. Whether you decide to outsource your whole HR department to a company who are constantly in the loop and experienced in every single facet and nuance of law and its implications, or whether you simply limit it to HR consultancy, the results are almost always going to be good ones. Not only do you ensure that you are covered and working to the very pinnacle of your legal responsibilities, but you also get to remove a lot of the stress that comes along with HR.

Another, lesser publicised benefit of outsourcing is that suddenly office politics and friendships no longer come into play in the same way should there be a need for disciplinary action or in dealing with grievances. Outside parties can be impartial and ensure that the office can remain a place of harmonious work and not back biting over problems.

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