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About Work Accident

17th August 2011
By rachel moss in Accident claims
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Work accident is an accident happened because of working relationship, including diseases arising from employment relationship or accidents happened on the way to workplace. Work Accident is the risks that must be faced by workers in the workplace.

Work accident is caused by two main factors: physical factors and human factors. Work accident is also part of occupational health. Work Accidents are unexpected events that happen while working. Therefore, it is important to make prevention actions as best as possible by providing safety supplies to equip the workers with a variety of safety devices when performing their work.

In further developments the scopes of work accidents are expanded again including labour accidents occurred during travel or transportation to and from workplace. In other words, traffic accidents experienced by workers on their way to and from workplace or in its relation with work are also called as work accident.

The cause of workplace accidents are generally classified into two types:

1. The behaviour of workers themselves (human factor) like inadvertence, carelessness, drowsiness, fatigue, and so forth. According to the results of existing research, 85% of the work accidents are caused by human factors.
2. The conditions of work environment that are not safe or "unsafe condition", for example: slippery floors, poor lighting, glare, open machine, and so forth. Lack of safety equipments is also an important factor that causes work accidents, it is strongly recommended to complement all workers with various safety devices such as: safety belts, latex gloves, helmets,Earplugs, etc.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), accidents caused of work are classified in to four kinds of classification:
1. Classification by the type of accident
Fall, hit by object, sandwiched, effect of high temperature, exposured by electric current, etc
2. Classification by the causes
Machinery, for example: power plant, sawmill machine, and so forth.

Transport equipment, for example: planes, trucks, cars, ships, etc
Other equipment, such as: air conditioner, gas burner, power tools, and so forth.
Work environment, etc
3. Classification by injuries
Broken bones, dislocation (sprain), bruising, amputation, burn, poisoning, effect of radiation, etc
4. Classification according to the location of abnormalities or wounds in the body
Head, Neck, hands, eyes, etc

Doing a job will always have a risk and when the accident occurred, would result some losses, sufferings and pains, so the work accidents should be prevented. Prevention of work accidents in a company must be taken seriously by everyone, like business owners, business managers, employees, and also environment around the workplace.
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