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A Road Traffic Accident, What Is The Maximum Amount Of Compensation I Can Claim For A Facial Injury

29th May 2009
By David Halbert in Legal
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Accidents are unfortunate in the sense that they leave you with personal injuries that you have to endure, along with the sense of loss and trauma. This is where compensation comes into account, and you can get compensation for your personal injury and can lessen the burden of the pain and suffering that has been caused by the accident.

There are many different kinds of injuries that people face during accidents. One of the most common ones is a facial injury, also called as maxillofacial trauma. There may be different variations of the nature of injuries that you can face. This can be from bruises and burns to fractures, whether they are nasal or to the jaw. Eye injuries may also be caused during an accident.

Facial injuries can be minor, from scratches or bruises, but they can also be very serious and damaging. These injuries have the potential to cause loss of function or even disfigurement. There can be difficulty in the movement of the jaw or even blindness if a facial injury is severe.

Due to the difference in the nature of accidents, there is also a difference in the amount of compensation that you would probably get for facial injuries. Besides being dependent upon the nature and damage of the injury and recovery time, the compensation amount also depends upon the policy of an insurance company.

There are different cases of facial injuries, each with different compensation amounts. There may be disfigurement or cosmetic effects, or there may also be a cosmetic element involved. In the case of the involvement of a cosmetic element, the compensation amount is relatively greater for females than males. Sometimes, a facial disfigurement may also be accompanied by a psychological reaction, which makes the compensation amount higher.

If there are skeletal injuries to the face and there are any fractures, then the amount of compensation you may expect to get would be between £14,000 and £22,000. For less serious fractures to the bones and for facial deformity, the expected compensation can be between £8,000 and £14,000. The amount for nose injuries ranges from £6,000 to £14,000.

For less complex nasal fractures, the compensation amount may range from £1,500 to £3,000. If there has been a fracture to the cheekbone, the amount might be between £5,000 and £9,000, while for simple fractures it can be between £2,500 and £4,000.

Although there are many factors that are involved in deciding the amount for the compensation of facial injuries, there are certain amounts between which the compensation mostly varies. The injuries that are front facial can have compensation up to £19,000, while the amount can be up to £12,000 in case of multiple injuries. In the case of impaired vision or blindness, the compensation can go up to really high amounts. The compensation amount for total blindness can be up to £130,000.

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