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Why Not to Use a Claims Company for Your Accident Claim

24th May 2010
By Jess in Personal Injury
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In recent years there has been a huge boom in the number of accident claim management companies. They are particularly prolific in television advertising campaigns, encouraging accident victims to contact them for help handling their accident claim.

Unfortunately, despite the promises of accident claim management of compensation awarded to you on a no win no fee basis, they are not always the best choice and are very often guilty of cashing in on people's accidents, injuries and misery as if they were mere commodities. This is because claims management companies actually work by gathering the details of potential accident claims and auctioning them off to solicitors. In many cases the accident claim management firms gather together several claims from the same category, such as car accidents and sell them on in bulk to solicitors, earning as much as £750 per case.

The result of this is that you, the individual who is not a mere commodity, have no say over the solicitor assigned to your case. You have not been able to select a solicitor based on recommendations or experience but have been sold to the highest bidder. This means there is no guarantee that your solicitor is the best man or woman for the job.

Often, victims only find out which solicitor will be handling their accident claim when they hear from them. Although there is the legal opportunity to request a different solicitor, victims are almost never made aware of this right, so cannot take advantage of it.
All in all, there is more advantage to be gained from employing a solicitor from a law firm you know and trust. Use the recommendations of friends and family to help you choose an accident claim solicitor rather than leaving your case to chance with an accident claim management company which is only willing to trade in your injury.
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