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Why Do You Need A Law Firm Dealing in Defective Product Injury Cases?

13th January 2012
By Barrows Law in Personal Injury
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When you buy any product, you expect it to be safe for your use and must meet the intended purpose for which you buy it. But itís a fact that there are many defective products out in the market that fail to give their promised results and in some cases even cause harmful effects to your health. Indeed, a number of consumer laws are in effect to help protect consumers in case of such injuries. A consumer can get help from a Defective Product Attorney in order to claim compensation from the product manufacturer whose product is responsible for any type of harm or injury.

Consumers can sue a product company on the basis of its product warranties and the prevalent product liability rules. As a consumer, it is very important for you that you are aware of your rights. And when a product causes harm, you can get help from a Defective Product Attorney to get adequate compensation from the product manufacturing company. Many countries have imposed laws that allow a consumer to collect damages from the product manufacturer, seller, parts maker or any person or business involved in the manufacturing or sale of a defective product. For example, if you are in Toronto you can go to a Law Firm in Toronto to prove negligence of a company supplying you with a bad product and to seek compensation.

The damages for a defective product can include compensation for medical expenses and loss of earning. You can also seek compensation for your physical and mental suffering. But before initiating a legal action against a product manufacturing company, you need to better understand the product liability rules that are in place at a specific place. In a Law Firm in Toronto can be your best source to gain awareness on the consumer rights around defective products and on the available measures to get compensation.

A Defective Product Attorney is well versed in the technical expertise to deal with medical injury claims for product manufacturing negligence. These lawyers are available throughout Canada to represent your defective product injury claims. You can consult a Law Firm in Toronto to pursue your case against a negligent company that has introduced the product, damaging your health.

In your attempt to prove a manufacturerís negligence in court, you need to prove the following four things:

  • the company owed a duty towards you

  • the manufacturer is liable to safeguard you from injuries if it occurs because of the use of the product

  • the manufacturer breached its duty towards your safety and well-being

  • the manufacturerís defective product caused the injury

A Defective Product Attorney is experienced in consumer laws and can represent product injury cases to prove any type of breach of warranty by the product manufacturing company. A lawyer must show before the court that the product is defective and dangerous which caused your injuries. If a breach of warranty claim is proven, the company will have to pay the compensation for your harm or losses. In many cases, a dangerous product is recalled from the market when the product is hazardous for the consumerís health.

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