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Who Are Disabilities Lawyers?

04th March 2011
By quinlanmurray in Law
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Disabilities lawyers are the attorneys who are specialized in disability law. They are professionals who represent you at the court of law. They fight for your rights to get compensated for the injury you suffered while working. They focus on fighting discrimination suffered by you. These lawyers deal with situations when a disabled person is denied an employment, compensation, education, and other services. While there are some lawyers who deal with cases related to the denial of education, services and others, there are some who focus entirely getting the compensation. The main role of a disability lawyer is to assess the extent of disability of a person and prove it before the law. It is also his responsibility to file for the compensation money and help the disabled person to get the amount s/he deserves.

Responsibilities of disabilities lawyers

* A disability lawyer will assist you with the application and verification process. On one hand, it is the responsibility of a lawyer to prove your disability to partake in any form of activities you undertook before the disability occurred. On the other hand, it is also the responsibility of a lawyer to gather all the required information and documents that will be useful for the case.

* Disabilities lawyers negotiate the amount of compensation you are entitled to with the insurance companies. Often an insurance company will try to trick you to a lesser amount than you deserve. A disability attorney will be able to rightly assess the extent of disability, the amount required for medical care. He will also be able to determine the compensation amount for losing your wages. He will then negotiate a feasible amount for you.

Generally, there are many aspects of a legal case that you might not be well aware of. So, if you dare to file for compensation by yourself, you might get yourself in trouble. It is advised to take help of a lawyer from the initial stage rather than to approach a lawyer when the matters get complex. An experienced lawyer knows all the aspects of a case; rather, s/he is specialized in the field s/he is dealing with.

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