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Whiplash injuries compensation myths

18th October 2011
By AnneDelgado in Legal
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Whiplash injuries compensation claims myths

There are various negatives associated with whiplash compensation claims. People generally really feel guilty about making an insurance claim in this kind. It's considered opportunistic and somehow cheating the system which needless to say affects other motorists who will be faced with escalating motor insurance premium costs.

This common misconception regarding whiplash claims does undermine the point that most injured accident victims are completely genuine and encounter varying degrees of suffering and pain for which they are fully eligible to seek both compensation and treatment.

Precisely what are classified as the myths pertaining to whiplash compensation claims?

Many people feel that whiplash claims are on the rise as a direct result of the so-called compensation culture that has grown in Great Britain. The truth is that individuals are generally much more mindful of their protection under the law than any other time and accessing legal services has become much easier than it has ever been thanks to the Internet. This has probably resulted in a rise in claims, but one could hardly associate this with a culture, more a rise in awareness.

It is said that completing a whiplash claim is simple and you can gain compensation by simply making one phone call or sending a single letter. This is simply not the situation, most claims for personal injury involve lengthy correspondence and can take up to a year to decide. It's necessary in most cases, to have a medical examination ahead of any settlement being agreed. Claims of this kind should therefore not be treated lightly, they are all things considered a part of a legal process that in certain instances can lead to litigation.

According to one myth, you can earn approximately 10,000 for a simple whiplash claim. This is naturally not quite correct and whilst such a sum could be attainable for a much more severe and debilitating whiplash injury, most settlements are below 2500.

Frequently you will hear people claim that you should go to hospital or your GP to record your injuries in order to make a claim. Whilst it is generally a very sensible idea, not least to get medical attention as well as have your injuries assessed, it is not in fact absolutely necessary to get a medical record of the event, to then make a claim. Most insurers take the view that certain accidents will inevitably lead to injuries being sustained and they're now very flexible regarding the requirement for a contemporary medical record.

Despite another common misconception, you do not need a solicitor to pursue a compensation claim for a whiplash injury. Again, the general myth is that insurance firms are not going to take care of members of the public without having a legal representative. This isn't correct, many insurers now attempt to settle claims without the involvement of a law firm. This does not usually give a benefit to the injured party since many people will secure a much better settlement if they are legally represented, however you may personally prefer to not deal with lawyers and instead opt to negotiate directly with the compensating insurers. You're perfectly within your rights to choose this option.

If you have been injured in a whiplash related accident, most solicitors would agree that you should seek the suitable legal advice in order that your interests are protected. Don't take note of the myths, get advice and get the support you need so as to acquire the redress which you deserve.
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