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What Do You Want From Your In-House Training?

24th January 2013
By Sue Richardson in Legal
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Training is an integral part of business, and ongoing training can motivate, inspire and bond a team together more effectively than almost any other process. But to ensure that your staff get the most from their in-house training, there has to be a little bit of preparation first, which means deciding beforehand exactly what you want to achieve.

Changing demands

In-house training (or in fact any type of training) needs to be considered carefully, so that you and your staff can get the maximum benefit from every session. So first things first - what type of training do you want and why?

There is, of course, the mandatory 16 hours per year of CPT required for anyone working in the legal sector, but while fulfilling your obligations may seem like a good enough reason to book a trainer, it isn't the only one. Your five-year business plan may appear to be set in stone, but the truth is that you will need to adapt to a changing market that can be unpredictable. Unless you have a crystal ball and some remarkable psychic powers, nobody can truly judge what direction the legal market will take. So your expectations and consequently your plan has to change accordingly, and that is best achieved by choosing the right kind of training.

Ten years ago, nobody could have really anticipated the explosion in personal injury compensation claims, for example, or that the UK would become the 'whiplash claim capital of Europe'. However, it is obvious that we are in the middle of a very fluid and transitional market, and that the public has much higher expectations when it comes to personal injury claims. So training in the latest procedures, legislation and best practice in this particular area could have the potential to greatly increase your firm's repertoire, reputation and, subsequently, your bottom line profits.

The more 'strings to your bow' you have, the better your chance of surviving in what has become an increasingly volatile and cut-throat industry. In-house personal injury training gives your team the skills they need to cope with new cases, new challenges and new demands from clients, as well as enhancing your own reputation as a firm that can deliver exactly what clients want.

Getting the team to pull together

In-house training has another beneficial effect - it can re-establish good working bonds between team members and get them all 'pulling in the same direction'. It's all very well having a team full of mavericks, but any organisation relies on teamwork to drive the business forward, and the same is true of the legal profession. In-house training gives colleagues a chance to see their workmates' strengths and weaknesses, as well as an opportunity to assess their own. It then allows them to see how these can balance one another out, producing a team that has a far better understanding of how the others work.

In-house training gives you a chance to refresh and revive your team, improve their existing skills and introduce new knowledge and skills into the mix. This in turn drives the business forward to the next level, and establishes you and your firm as one that is pro-active and forward thinking - and not just 'ticking the CPT box'.


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