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What are the Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries?

15th August 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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The most common cause of burn injuries is the category known as thermal burns. This category covers the burns which people sustain from direct contact with burn-inducing substances or surfaces. Thermal burns can occur from contact with liquids, fire, steam, and hot surfaces. Thermal burns often occur from accidents in the home.

Radiation burns are a common cause of burn injuries. While the sun's ultraviolet rays account for the largest percentage of radiation burns, this type of burn can also occur from the rays found in tanning salons. Sunburns usually occur from spending too much time outdoors without the use of protective sunscreens. In addition to causing burns to the skin, radiation burns can also affect the eyes.

Contact with acidic compounds can cause chemical burns. Chemical burns can affect the eyes as well as the skin. While many chemical burns occur as a result of accidents in the workplace, they can also occur in the home or wherever a person is exposed to hazardous chemicals.

In many instances, fire-related burns are not solely caused by contact with flame. A common cause of burn injuries from fire-related situations is the inhalation burn. Inhalation burns are caused by inhaling the smoke. Inhalation burns can occur in motor vehicle fires as well as fires in the home or other buildings. When inhalation burns occur, it can be much more serious than contact burns.

Explosions are another common cause of burn injuries. While one may think that explosions are limited to work-related hazards, this is not always the case. Many explosions which cause serious burn injuries occur in the home. Gas grills and propane heaters are amongst the products commonly used in the home which are capable of exploding and causing serious burn injuries. Although any type of gas can be a dangerous factor in an explosion, propane is the most common.

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