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What Are the Corporate Benefits of Employment Contracts?

25th June 2012
By Clark_Taylor in Law
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Running and managing a business is very technical issue. For this purpose, you always need a skilful person to fulfil your business requirements. Company real and greatest assets are its employees and not the equipment, building. Employees are the back bone of the company. So to regulate the relationship with employee, you need an effective employment agreement that minimises all confusions and apprehensions. Employment contract ensures the smooth running of the affairs of the business. However, the employment contract benefits aren’t all attached to termination; employment contracts may also attract highly skilled workers with the assurance of job security, benefits, and clear expectations for the position. Employment contract is very sensitive task because you require employee to fulfil the business needs. Employment contract avoids the deadlock of the worker in the company because no one left the job without providing notice. In the notice period, you can find the better replacement.

Employment contract is a useful tool to control the employee right to leave the job without notice. It is also necessary to lock the employee for certain period of time when you have provided the adequate training to enhance the skills of the employee for meeting the requirements of job. It also creates the terms which regulate the employee rights and duties more effectively. You must provide to the employee all applicable statutory rights to ensure him that his employment rights are legally protected. It also imposes the obligation on the employee to keep and maintain the confidential information of the company even after the termination of employment. It also ensures that employee cannot compete with the business of the company during the job or after the termination of employment for prescribed period of time. It is mandatory that employment contract must contain such provision that strengthen the relation of the employer and employee and avoid legal disputes. It is must be in written form in order to avoid and minimise the misunderstandings between employee and employer. It is a set of terms and condition that describes the employee role, salary, leaves, non- compete and termination rights and duties. It also gives you the control over the employee to monitor and evaluate the job performance.

What is law about self employment agreement?

There are over 30 pieces of major employment legislation in Ireland and employers must be familiar with a number of basic provisions under Irish employment law. Such as:

  • The National Minimum Wage (from 1st July 2011) is €8.65 per hour

  • The maximum an employee should work in an average working week is 48 hours

  • There is no legal entitlement to sick leave; generally it is at the discretion of the employer.

  • Full-time workers have the right to four working weeks paid annual leave per year.

Employment agreement ensures that no one will deviate from the term of the agreement. It is a legally binding agreement. It is your duty to ensure that employee must be deprived from the statutory rights. It will create healthy business atmosphere. It is important that you must provide the all details of employment agreement with the offer letter to the employee. So that, employee must know his rights and obligations before signing the agreement. It is very important and helpful for you to maintain and keep the records in relation to your employees’ entitlements .This will help you to provide evidence to NERA that you are compliant with employment rights legislation.

Application and features

  • Standard legal requirements for “statement of terms”

  • Many provisions to protect your business

  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures

  • Include latest statutory provisions including model disciplinary and grievance procedure

  • Flexible - alternative paragraphs to suit your needs

  • Invaluable notes guide you through the minefield

  • Very comprehensive

  • Suitable for any size of business

  • Written in plain English!

Net Lawman provides comprehensive employment agreement template. Such as:

Employment contract: senior standard

This is a standard, comprehensive contract of employment for any senior employee. It is also suitable for an employee who may become senior in the short term. It complies with all current legislation, yet preserves maximum flexibility to the employer. It is fair but tough.
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