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Weird Laws in the State of Alabama

29th December 2008
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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There are weird laws on the books across the nation, covering everything from hunting laws (e.g., you are allowed to hunt whales from a moving vehicle in Tennessee, but no other animals) to social interactions (e.g., you can be fined $25 for flirting in New York). Alabama has its own collection of bizarre laws on the books that will leave you scratching your head wondering where these laws came from. Below is just a sampling of the weird laws from Alabama.

Keep your shoes on while in the car because it's against the law to drive barefooted.

If a bear provokes a fight, just walk away because it's illegal to have a wrestling match with a bear.

You cannot wear a fake mustache to church as it might cause laughter. I don't know if the same law applies for bad toupees.

On that note, do you want to play dominoes after church? Too bad. You are not allowed to play dominoes on Sunday.

You are not allowed to put salt on railroad tracks. If you do, it's punishable by death. This fun fact seemed to have escaped Mark Kurlansky when he wrote the book Salt.

Halloween must be an odd time in Alabama since the law states that you cannot wear a mask in public.

As for ice cream, it is illegal to have an ice cream cone stashed away in your back pocket at any time. I don't know anyone to whom this law would apply and I think I'd like to keep it that way.

The driver of an automobile may not be blindfolded while driving said automobile. Which is a relief, no doubt, to all the other people sharing the road. Also related to cars, you automobile must have windshield wipers. It's sensible given rain.

Of course, as sensible as the windshield wiper law is, one has to close on another rain-related law, this one concerning umbrellas. It's an offense to open your umbrella while out on the street. Why, you may ask? To avoid frightening the horses.

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