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USAFiancee Visa - Start Your Life in the USA with a K 1 Visa

10th November 2010
By fianceevisa in Immigration Law
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USAFiancee Visa - Start Your Life in the USA with a K 1 Visa

Love conquers all, or so many love songs tell us. But even true love cannot conquer immigration laws without a visa. This is what most Americans, who fall in love with foreign nationals, find out, after studying ways to bring their fiancee here in the United States. If you intend to marry your non-U.S. citizen fiancee then you will need to apply for a K1 visa for her.

A K1 visa or a fiance visa is a single entry, non-immigrant visa that allows a foreign national to enter the United States to marry a U.S. citizen. The visa is good for 90 days only and cannot be extended or renewed. Once you marry a K1 visa holder, you can then apply for an adjustment of status as well as work and travel permits for them. Later on, a green card can also be arranged to allow your spouse to live in the U.S. permanently.

To qualify to file for a K1 visa, the petitioner must first prove that he is a lawful citizen of the United States and that he has the capacity to financially support his fiancee in the U.S. He must also prove that any previous marriage by either of them is truly over and that their love story is real and not just fabricated to fraudulently acquire a visa for the foreign national. There must also be evidence that they have seen each other face to face at least once in the last two years.

Once a fiancee visa petition is approved here by the appropriate government agencies, it will be sent to the Embassy in the country of the foreign fiancee. They will now have the fiance visa interview and decide whether she is worthy to be issued a K1 visa. When she is found eligible, the K1 visa will be sent to her within days of the interview.

This may seem like one straightforward process, but in truth, it is anything but simple. Documents need to be accurate and complete, otherwise you will be receiving the dreaded Request for Evidence letter. This can cause your application to be delayed, or worse, denied completely. can help you avoid this situation. With our extensive knowledge of immigration laws, we can make the whole convoluted process simple and easy. Our team of experts can reduce your wait time, and with their competent handling of your application, your fiancee will be here with you in just a few months.

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