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US Work Visa Needs and Procedure

23rd March 2011
By Richard Heins in Immigration Law
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The H2B visa is really a non-immigrant working visa which allows foreign nationals to enter U.s. for employment objective in the non- agricultural working place . This non-agricultural area might be for seasonal need, intermittent, a peak load or for one-time occurrence. One-time event signifies the task supply is only for any brief expression and never necessary in the long term. Like the H1B visa, H2B visa requires the US employer to petition for that foreign workers. Seasonal require is once the US employer should show that only at a selected time with the 12 months that the labor is needed a lot more. Peak load is once the organization requirements the staff to get a short-term time plus they will not be employed permanently. Intermittent implies the employers are required only for any extremely brief time period to perform the solutions.

The US employer should also prove that there aren't any unemployed workers in the United states of america prepared or capable to complete the needed work. This should be proved by supplying a document with the state's employment agency employing a labor certification method. This procedure will need a recruitment marketing campaign which will consist of promoting within a nearby newspaper for obtainable temporary workers for that needed occupation.

Listing of documents required for H2B visa

The duration in the H2B visa is restricted to the need with the employer for short-term workers. The maximum validity time period is for one particular yr. In selected instances the employer may well extend the duration in the visa approximately three years but with particular conditions in the immigration division.

When applying for that H2B visa, the applicant and the US employer should submit the needed paperwork such as,

* Copy of passport

* Copy of the current visa

* Handle within the candidates residence nation

* A letter from your US employer

* should create adequate evidence to show that the pay a visit to is only short-term and that he/she intends to return back again right after the business-related work is done

* an evidence of compelling social and financial ties abroad, and that he/she has residence outside the U.S. and has other binding ties that can guarantee the individual leaves US on the conclude of the go to period of time.

All of the petitions for this visa should be filed just before six months of the proposed employment time. On getting into the us, the worker should make sure that he/she works only for that sponsored US employer and should depart america once the visa expires until an extension is authorized.

Husband or wife and kids (unmarried child under 21 years of age ) in the H-2B visa holders might accompany the worker and so they will probably be permitted to enter United states with H4 visa. They might continue to be in the United states till the approved stay from the H-2B visa holder. But the dependents in H4 visas will not be permitted to work from the U.s.. Even more, it is a should the applicant obtains a prior appointment scheduled as well as create required paperwork (like passport) to your US Consulate with the time of Interview. Candidates will probably be notified in producing around the decision with the US visa application.
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