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Unsecured business credit lines: May prove as your business Life lines!

28th February 2011
By Bernie Lemieux in Business Law
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In spite of this increased awareness, recent news coverage, while acknowledging a current economic climate of low interest rates and available money supply, indicates that access to capital continues to be the most difficult challenge for small business owners. Recent newspaper articles point to several reasons why even under optimal conditions, entrepreneurs are still not successful at getting financing: banks, by the very nature of their business, are resistant to the high-risk loans which many small businesses represent; potential entrepreneurs may lack the business savvy to articulate what they need in business terminology; and such inexperienced business persons may also fail to present a well-thought out long-range alternative plan to cover emergencies and other contingencies.

Factors such as these all contribute to the decision of a would-be small business funding source not to commit money to a particular business. The most common source for many small business owners is credit cards. Many actually started their companies using this sort of financing. There are advantages to credit card financing. It's easy to get, unsecured, flexible, and many vendors accept them.

The problem is that credit cards aren't usually the best source of credit for a small business. These cards definitely have their place in small firms, but they're better suited for smaller expenses, such as travel, fuel, miscellaneous materials, and other similar purchases. These are relatively expensive, have short duration payoff terms, and a larger problem for many businesses, and have relatively low limits. It's difficult to finance large capital expenditures or major expansions using credit cards in most cases.

In most small business situations, far better is a line of credit. It has many of the same advantages of a credit card, such as flexibility, and only paying for funds you actually withdraw. An unsecured business credit line is a better choice than this card in these situations because the interest rate is much lower on it.

When you expect to have ongoing expenses for which you need to borrow money then a line of credit can be useful in such cases. For example, someone who is returning to school to get certification may need to purchase many items on credit until the course is completed and he or she is working. Or a family that is making extensive repairs to their home may draw on a line of credit to purchase materials and pay trades people. It also offers greater flexibility in making repayments. It is basically acts as a reserve pool of funding your business can access as it needs. Common uses are for seasonal inventory purchases or staffing, vehicles, machinery, large capital projects, and other large, extraordinary expenditures.

For gaining financial backing it is required to choose the appropriate methodology, utilizing the best information gained from research. The process of seeking funding can be challenging and sometimes frustrating because there is no magic formula, method, or program that will automatically secure financing for a new or growing company, it can also be exciting and rewarding. Through developing a well thought-out business and proper contingency plans are the best strategies to facilitate the successful acquisition of funds.

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