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Types of visas to Australia

26th February 2010
By Synch in Immigration Law
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 Skilled labor visa
 Family visa
 Business visa
 Student visa
 Visitors visa

The main prerequisites for obtaining skilled labor visas to Australia are that the person should be within 45 years of age, have good command over English, should have worked as a skilled laborer in a good company and should be able to specify his area of skills. When one satisfies all these, he can approach a Registered Migration Agent for undergoing the points test which is required for obtaining the pass mark. One gets points for his qualification, age, for his skill, and the experience he has in the particular area of work. His chances of getting the visa to Australia are high when he has undergone the training or education in Australia itself. People from specialized fields like IT, management or business sectors are allowed some exceptions in the rules to obtaining the visas to Australia. Sponsorship from a family member is also permitted for applying for visas to Australia when the person does not get the pass mark for the same. Or the person should possess the skills required for a particular job in great demand in Australia to get the visas to Australia to work.

Family visas to Australia are granted to those who will be sponsored by another relative who is already an Australian citizen. A person who is already married to an Australian Citizen, or parent, or dependent relative or children, are eligible to apply for visas to Australia under this category to migrate to that country. The application is designed in such a way to avoid any waiting period for the applicants to get visas to Australia.

Visas to Australia for those in business and who want to migrate to Australia are granted on the basis of his owning a business, or planning to invest in Australia and if he belongs to the senior level in the business sector. The applicant, to come under the first category, should have business investments in Australia for at least two years prior to applying for visas to Australia. He must be within 45 years of age, have good experience in business management and should have proved successful in business. To be eligible for visas to Australia under investment category, the applicant should be prepared to invest at least 15,00,000 Australian dollars in the country to migrate. He must have run business establishments and should satisfy a number of other requirements. is an Australian immigration consultancy that specializes in representing applicants from all over the world wishing to immigrate to Australia. We specialize in providing online applications for visas to australia and Australian visas.
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