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Trampolines are fun, but can they be Fun exercise equipment, too?

02nd April 2012
By KevinGrant in Business Law
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The trampoline has always been a symbol of fun and summer antics. Many people have fond childhood memories and happy experiences with trampolines. Remember trying to see how high you could bounce? If you are like many, you still may not know that you can use them to get into shape and live a healthier life.

Bouncy springs and taught material give the trampoline its famous bounciness. The elasticity is all in the springs and the strong fabric provide the “spring board” of the trampoline. Large trampolines are typically used for gymnastics and other sports, whereas the middle sized usually graces the backyards of many neighborhoods. More commonly indoors the smaller trampoline can be used for exercise as well as the usual summer time acrobatic shenanigans.

What Size?

The largest is typically around 12 feet to 16 feet as the largest of the large typically in Olympic sized gymnasiums. Always make sure you warm up and stretch before beginning any exercise, and especially before beginning a trampoline exercise session. This should involve some stretching of all the muscles on the floor, and with light bounces on the trampoline to further stretch muscles.

Small trampolines are great for jogging in place, especially if you don’t live in a place that is conducive to outside activities. Almost as good as a treadmill but most likely a lot more fun, this activity alone can be great cardio and help keep you fit and in shape. Jogging on a trampoline as oppose to a treadmill is less damaging to your joints as the weight is cushioned.

It is important that the fabric and the springs are of impeccable and good quality. It is advisable that the springs which are the heart of any trampoline be made of stainless steel and are certified as bounce worthy. They should also have a manufactured date certified, which will help in determining how long it will last. The fabric is equally important. It should be weight certified, in other terms the amount of load that it can hold in order not to break. This is important as the failure can lead to disasters and fatal consequences.

One Foot at a time, then bounce like crazy

One foot at a time, you can make an increase in your speed when you have found a comfortable pace. The higher you raise your legs with each “step” the more impact and exercise you receive. This is one of the most basic but probably most popular of the trampoline exercises.

Bouncing is of course one of the basic things everyone does with a trampoline, but it is also a great way to exercise and makes a wonderfully fun workout. Raising your knees is best and the higher the better. Just be careful you don’t go too far too soon and pull a muscle or otherwise hurt yourself. The more adventurous enjoy old fashioned jumping jacks. This sounds ridiculous, but this common exercise is a better exercise on the trampoline.

Discover your own healthy trampoline exercises

These are only a few of the exercises you can use when trying out your small trampoline. The trampoline that used to bring you joy as a child, can help extend your life with necessary cardiovascular exercises. A regular routine of exercise utilizing the trampoline can help you lose weight and live longer.

One of the best features of exercise with a trampoline is the muscle tone and an overall trimed physique. This also helps keep the body’s circulation and even the digestion functioning properly. As an overall estimation of trampolines as an exercise solution, the ability to bounce your way to a healthier weight and life style is the only way we can put it. To sum it up, have fun while you exercise, the trampoline way.

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