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Tips on Finding a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

29th April 2010
By Dean Mueller in Divorce
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Whenever you and your spouse both choose to end the marriage, and can come to an understanding about who gets what of your joint property, we call it uncontested. If only one of the parties seeks to dissolve the marriage, or the spouses can't find common ground about how you can split up the assets, it is really a contested divorce.

When selecting legal representation, it's helpful to know whether it will be a contested or uncontested divorce. When there are kids, the very best suited legal counsel will have a background in family law. For those couples with real estate or sizeable financials, an attorney with a financial background is a good choice. For couples without having enormous wealth or kids, a more economical option in attorneys is acceptable.

Exploring multiple candidates is really a wise way to proceed. Use your family, friends, and acquaintances as a resource. You're bound to know somebody who has needed the services of a divorce attorney, since almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. If asking makes you uncomfortable, look through the local phone directory. The American Bar Association's web site is an additional resource for you.

Ask every lawyer on your list about his or her fees, retainer, and experience. Arrange to meet with the lawyer you find most befitting your circumstance. Your very first meeting usually involves no cost to you. Don't interview less than three attorneys before making your final decision.

Another thing to do before engaging legal counsel is to meet with his or her staff. The ending of a marriage is not simple. So it's best to find a legal support system you are fully comfortable with.

Hourly rates and flat fees are two ways your divorce lawyer might bill you. Probably the most prevalent is the hourly fee. Commonly, this rate will be between $150 and $375. Selecting a lawyer that uses his or her time wisely is certainly crucial, unless you're independently wealthy.

Divorce proceedings are always difficult. It has enormous effect on your life, even if all parties agree on all points. It's vital to select legal counsel which will go to bat for you and your concerns.
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