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The Unobscured Tyranny Fathers Face under Family Court Justice

18th January 2012
By Shane Flait in Legal
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Using unconstitutional excuses of 'best interest of the child' and 'abuse of women', family courts, and at mother's whim, civilly rapes fit father of their rights, their children, and their property, daily. Here's the 'what and why' of it unobscured by propaganda.


For doing nothing wrong, the state virtually kidnaps a fit father's children from his care and strips him of meaningful parental control and the benefits of care, happiness and companionship that parenting brings. Then, the court enslaves him to both the state and the mother who, together, extort from him impoverishing weekly payments euphemistically called child support but used for whatever the mother wants for up to 23 years. It claims it's his obligation to support his children despite robbing him of the benefits associated with any such obligation - a clear violation of the maxims of law but consistent with what constitutes slavery.

These extortions leave most fathers close to or in destitution with little to directly spend on his children. Most mothers then alienate children from their fathers. Fathers see their future and their family destroyed with the full support of the mothers, family courts, and the state's power to enforce it all.

*More Punishments:

For being behind or unable to pay child-support, a father endures state administrators denying him a license to drive, any state license needed to work or his passport to leave the country. If he doesn't pay it all he goes to jail for contempt of court under a phony due process without a jury and often irrespective of his financial straits. If he dies, his estate goes to the mother for 'child support' until all past and future child support is paid.

If he leaves the country to avoid his undeserved slavery and punishments, he automatically violates federal law turning him into a felon that puts him in jail for 10 years if he's brought back or comes back on his own - a modern day fugitive slave law.

That's what a fit and good father faces today for being unable to comply with the court's orders that financially rape him. Those are the operational facts devoid of the phony embellishments this state tyranny uses to cover up its denial of fathers' fundamental rights.

This tyranny has destroyed thousands upon thousands of fathers. It has forced them to go underground, leave the country, commit suicide, or end up on skid row alienated from their children and lost to their family.

No matter how much a father fights in court for his rights including directly caring for his children, the courts refuses to acknowledge his rights but only his obligation to pay money to the mother. Family courts unconstitutionally invoke the 'best interest of the child' excuse to ignore the parental right and other fundamental rights of fit fathers. They claim authority over his children and award them overwhelmingly to the mothers.

This most sexist and rights-denying injustice fathers face is palpable and obvious to all except those brainwashed on feminist privileges and empowerment of women at any expense. No one wants to be in a father's position in family court; it's the mother's position that's assured of the parental rights and its benefits - including state enforcement of the father's extortion payments to her.

*Evidence of the underlying truth:

Very few within this judicial system have the guts to speak out against the injustice occurring in family courts. Most will speak only under their breath, away from the ears of authority.

Nevetheless, Judge Watson L. White, Superior Court Judge, Cobb County, Georgia has said, 'There is something bad happening to our children in family courts today that is causing them more harm than drugs, more harm than crime and even more harm than child molestation."

Judge Brian Lindsay, Retired Supreme Court Judge of New York said, "There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System."

The women's abuse excuse is ever ready to be invoked to backup court judgments made under the best interest of the child excuse. Again, everyone knows how phony the abuse excuse is with its phony due process. But very few within the system will speak out about it.

The charade of the abuse excuse was acknowledged by Elaine Epstein, former president of the Massachusetts Women's Bar Association when she said that "allegations of abuse are now used for tactical advantage" in divorce courts and that restraining orders are doled out "like candy." She said that "everyone knows that restraining orders and orders to vacate are granted to virtually all [women] who apply," and "the facts have become irrelevant; in virtually all cases, no notice, meaningful hearing, or impartial weighing of evidence is to be had."

*Feminist propaganda and why:

Such criticisms are heavily suppressed. Exposing the sexist outcomes and injustice that family courts impose on fathers is certainly not part of the state-imposed feminist agenda that initiated and supports the state-based divorce and domestic violence industry. Doing so would undermine the power and strangle-hold it has on constitutional redress.

What you will hear is that fathers who don't comply with the horrendously unfair, burdensome and malicious family court orders are just deadbeats and irresponsible. Objecting to being denied their rights and their children is a form abusive behavior.

That's the propaganda. The state-based divorce and domestic violence industry lives off the unjust orders that the family courts impose on fit fathers. It's part of the tyranny that fathers face. It includes the judicial and executive branches and promotes its tactics, policies, and accomplishments for the money, power, and agenda it provides.

This court order-based tyranny originated from several directions:

1. First, the judiciary has slowly usurped justice by negating both accountability of judicial and prosecution personnel who violate constitutional procedures and constitutional protections for litigants in family court.

2. Secondly, feminist propaganda has pushed for 'greater good' laws that privilege women at the direct denial of fathers rights and protections - infusing such feminist jurisprudence into our legal system and into the public mindset.

3. Lastly, the enormous benefits such perfidy and perversion of justice against a targeted class - fathers - has created the divorce and domestic violence industry that feeds off this targeted injustice and promotes more of the same.

This powerful industry arises from state-imposed feminism that targets fathers for subjugation and exploitation by denying their fundamental rights including their right to parent their children. It shrouds itself in propaganda, 'greater good' excuses, and phony judicial processes. The power, control and influence that feminism, the media, and the divorce and domestic violence industry exercise together allows the cover-up of the injustice that fathers face by design, brainwashed ignorance, or simple cowardliness.

This state-based industry of divorce and domestic violence - and most importantly, its feminist instigation - will not allow the intrusion of justice, fairness and fundamental rights for both sexes back into the family court system. That's not part of the agenda.

It has usurped control of our lawful government setup by the Declaration of Independence and Our Constitution to ensure the fundamental and unalienable rights of each of us. It is a tyranny whose mindset and mechanisms must be eradicated.


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