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The importance of choosing the right trademarks for your business

27th September 2011
By John Adam in Business Law
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Since it has become more important than ever to distinguish yourself from competitors, it has also become more important than ever to protect those elements that provide the necessary discretion. Trademarks serve as an effective tool for marketing by announcing one's presence in the market. Often, in fact many a times, consumers do not remember the name of the entity but remember the sign or symbol that it uses. That is why big multinational spends millions to carve out a successful logo for their businesses. It allows for the suing of others who use this trademark illegally. It fosters growth of the enterprise and protects it simultaneously. Since many businesses in today's world have overlapping services, it is become even more important to stand out from the crowd. One way to do so is to make your trademark unique and memorable.

However, one must not invest too much in designing a unique layout for a trademark forgetting that the product behind the trademark has to be unique too. This is to avoid any criticisms against manipulative design on part of the customers. Then again, in a world marked by creativity and innovation, if one lags behind in choosing the right colour scheme that synchronizes with its strategic objectives, then one is going down the drill. For example, if the business is set up for young kids and one puts dark and dull colours in the logo of its business that will be a poor advertising strategy. Everyone in the marketing world today understands the need of putting bright and playful colours in an enterprise's logo for kids. The opposite may not be true for adults, and may depend on many different factors such as the actual business strategy of the entity. Similarly, if the business is a software-designing Company and one chooses typefaces like ‘Lucida Handwriting' and ‘Freestyle Script', then one can forget that any success can be achieved because this will signify outright non-seriousness on part of the vendor.

This process of trademark registration is significant in setting your Company apart from your competitors. The trademark has to be captivating and eye-catching. If it is too mundane, then the chances of the number of people noticing it will decrease and this will have a spiral-down effect on the entire business. Then again, trademarks are needed if an entity wants to attain a permanent fixture or stop in any industry it vies in. The success stories of many big corporate giants are laid partly in their ability to design a distinctive trademark and then maintaining it over the years. It is also of undue importance that when a business decides to register a trademark, it continues with it for at least a decade and avoids any indecision which might deter existing and potential customers. This is because customers generate various perceptions about the business itself based on the stability it shows in any current endeavour. So the importance of a stable trademark cannot be further iterated.

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