The Basics of Whiplash Caused By Car Accidents

26th April 2012
By James Garrett in Medical Malpractice
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If you've been in a auto collision or suffered some other type of misfortune which has left you with problem in the shoulders and neck area and a prominent lack of mobility in these parts then it's most likely that you've suffered from whiplash. The numbers of people making whiplash claims - legal assertions for monetary damages because of experiencing such injuries - are wide ranging and it might well be that you've got a reason to make what could be a successful claim. Before we look at preparing a claim, let's consider what whiplash is, why it happens and the signs that demonstrate that you are suffering from it.
The spine is one of the central parts of our body and is characterized by a collection of bones - the vertebrae - and what's named soft tissue; the soft tissue may be one of two different components, ligaments and tendons, both of which are designed along with the vertebrae to permit the backbone to flex to a certain degree. This is the reason we can sit, stand, lie, bend and move about as we do. If you're involved in an unexpected automobile accident - say a automobile colliding with the car that you are a passenger in from behind - you may experience the head being snapped backward and forward, quite violently, through the energy of the impact. This stresses the vertebrae in the neck area past its normal flexibility, and may tear the ligaments and tendons. The outcome is what we recognize as whiplash, and it can be quite agonizing.

The level of any harm will differ, but the tell tale warning signs are always identical. It is so that symptoms may take some time to be noticed - that's the nature of the injury - but the serious experiences are a reduction in movement and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and in some cases similar in the arms, intensive discomfort in related areas and sustained, abnormal headaches. In addition, sufferers regularly experience profound lethargy, wooziness, tingling in the limbs and an irritating ringing in the ears. There are a few more minor signs and symptoms, however, these are the ones that will arise most frequently.
Whiplash is a generally suffered injury and whiplash claims, hence, are routine but it is necessary to remember that the injury is not only just observed in those who are in road accidents. A tumble from a horse or a bike, a small fall in the street or a fall from a step ladder or down stairs can induce the forces that are the cause of whiplash. Often the signs and symptoms last a week or so, but in several they can be continuous - months now and again - and bring about loss of work and, therefore, decrease of income.

For those who have a clinical diagnosis of whiplash then you should look into building a claim for recompense. Even though whiplash claims are not infrequent it's always best to engage the assistance of a personal injury lawyer since they will know the law and the processes needed to pursue your claim with the most effective possibility of success. You will discover plenty examples of such experts by running a easy internet search or you may have seen them advertising in the press or on television. However you search, be sure you make use of all the assistance and advice you can to ensure you obtain the best possibility of a successful claim.

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