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16th February 2011
By Jerry Smith in Taxes
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“You are getting an income tax refund”! Those are the words that each taxpayer would love to hear. A federal income tax refund occurs if the taxes you owe are less than the sum of the total amount of refundable tax credits claimed and the total amount of withholding paid. For many individual taxpayers those federal tax refunds can be obtained through Earned Income credit, a real refund of overpayment of tax, or through an overpayment from previous years. Some people really believe that getting a large income tax refund is not the greatest thing. Instead they feel that the tax refund represents a loan paid back by the government interest free. Others use their IRS tax refund as a “simple savings plan” where they are surprised to get money back each year. Always remember that it is still better to get an
IRS tax refund
than to owe money to the government.

Once you determine you’re receiving a tax refund, there are several options for actually putting that money in the taxpayer’s hands. Standard paper filing, electronic filing with direct deposit, rapid refunds, and refund anticipation loans are the options we have the choice of exercising, and for many refund anticipating individuals, the rapid refund or the refund anticipation loan is the refund of choice.

Since the advent of the computer age, and the great invention of the internet, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been fairly quick to react to the benefit of electronic filing. The income tax returns are filed much faster, tax refunds are made faster, and money due the IRS can be obtained faster. Let’s take a minute to look at the different IRS refund options, and what each offers the individual taxpayer.

The standard paper filing, although many are more familiar with this method of filing, is slowing reaching obsolescence. There will soon come a time that the old system of paper tax filing will be entirely eliminated and replaced by the electronic tax filing methods. If you are still one of the dying numbers of Americans who files a paper tax return, you should anticipate receiving a tax refund in about six weeks; today, thanks to the great use of the internet, six weeks to receive a tax refund, seems like an extremely long time.

rapid tax refund
, that is rapidly replacing the standard paper filing, is an electronic method used for filing your federal income tax return, and allowing you to receive your refund in about 10-14 days. Much faster than the six weeks it used to take. There are usually no excess fees attached to this type of filing, and returns may be filed for free through many local, public access facilities.

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