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Symptoms of bone injury due to accident

13th May 2010
By Mesriani Law Group in Personal Injury
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Car, truck, or motorcycle accident often causes broken/ fractured bones injury. The damage can be minor to major depending on the severity of the impact to the human body.

Bone injury can be open or closed fracture. Open injury occurs when the bone punctures the skin. The open wound can accumulate viral infection and can further endanger the life of the injured. A motorcycle accident exposes the human body to a higher risk of an open injury due to lack of protective gadgets. Open injury needs
emergency medical treatment.

Closed injury occurs when the bone doesn't puncture the skin. The damage remain inside. However, multiple fractured bones pose the same critical medical state. This kind of injury may aggravate conditions of nerve injury, blood loss, and hemorrhage.

There are about 206 adult human bones inside the person's body. About 106 bones comprised the hands and feet. Approximately, the human body has the following number of bones:

1. Skull- 28

2. Vertebrae- 26

3. Ribs- 24

4. Shoulder- 4

5. Pelvis- 2

6. Arms- 30

7. Legs- 30

8. Joint- 18

9. Hyoid- 1

The most fractured bone is in the arm, hand, and leg. A person involved
in a vehicular accident may overlook the pain in these parts, and cause further damage. The broken/ fractured bone injury can be classified as:

1. Incomplete fracture

2. Hairline fracture

3. Stress fracture

4. Twist fracture

5. Shatter fracture

Here are some symptoms for a broken/ fractured bone injury

1. Swelling

2. Bruises

3. Difficulty and pain of moving

4. Disfigurement

5. Exposure

Among children, if the epiphyseal disk bone is injured, it may hamper growth. An exposed bone can accumulate other viral infections such as pneumonia.

Other types of accidents that may trigger broken/ fractured bone

1. Slip, trip, and fall accident

2. Industrial accident

3. Sports accident

4. Horse back riding accident

If you are involved in a vehicular accident, and have suffered broken/ fractured bone injury; your orthopedic doctor may administer cast, rehabilitation, physical therapy and other needed surgery for your bone to recover. If there is a spiral injury, internal fixation may be needed. It uses screws and plates to secure your treatment.

Some therapies may need six weeks to heal the fractured bone; others may need longer time or a lifetime of disability.

If your loved one suffered minor or multiple broken/ fractured bone injury caused by accident, he or she will undergo expensive medical treatment. You may need financial assistance from an existing insurance. The best option is to consult a professional Broken/ fractured bone injury lawyer. A reliable lawyer can help you through the process of claiming your remuneration rights.

He or she can assist you in complying with the court requirements and documents such as Medical abstract, police investigation report, product liability evidences, hospital expense receipts, and witness statements. Claim your rights today.

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